Lightweight Sex Doll Storage Luggage with Lock
Get confused when you would like to travel with your doll or move to a new house? Coswo Xex prepared the luggage for you! It equips a password lock and roller to help you travel with your doll or move...
from $120.00
Sex Doll Secret Storage Couch/Sofa with Lock
  We have different sizes of the couch for you to discreetly store your sex doll, full body, half body,  even for the ass, please contact us for your suitable storage couch! Super load-bearing and turnover-proof and collision-proof stripe. Message us...
from $180.00
Hair, Pubic Hair, Eye Color, Aerola Type customization for Sex Doll
If you want to customize your half-body or Full-body doll, please refer to the following. For Hair: Eye Color: Pubic Hair:     For more customization please get in touch with our sales.
from $20.00
Warm & Heating Feature
This is for Half boday, Ass and Full body dolls over 10 kg customized requirement.  
$200.00 $100.00
Ass Ditherer
$120.00 $50.00
Ass Ditherer
This is only for the half doll or ass which is over 10 kg customization. Simply ordering this won't be a valid order
$120.00 $50.00
Customize Skin(Order Half/Full Body Doll, Ass, Pussy first) - White
Please note that when you can select the colors of the products, it is free, if it doesn't have the following colors, you can pick it here! Or contact us for more details!
$50.00 $20.00
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