We don't collect any tax in most countries at present.

In certain countries, Customs offices may charge taxes on certain types of imported products at certain item quantities and values. Customs offices in other countries may not adopt this practice. You are responsible for finding out the specific arrangements in your own country.

On the other hand, we don’t include customs as customs will be based on your country’s current policy, it is difficult for us to include the tax, as every country has different customs in different periods even on the same product, and sometimes buyers don’t need to pay to cause the value is not so much.

What's more, in most conditions, It will be much faster to be delivered when the buyer does the clearance, and most countries required the buyer to do the clearance by themselves to protect their domestic tax claim as well.

If you don't reuqire air shipping, we can include your tax and customs and we may provide more discounts for you, please contact our sales to know more about this. Chat online with us!

Coswo Xex Adult Products hope you will have an enjoyable purchasing!


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