TPE Dolls VS Silicone Dolls, how to choose?

Many first-time buyers may be very confused by the TPE and Silicone materials that most manufacturers use to produce realistic sex dolls. Dolls made from these two materials look very similar in photographs. So what is the difference between them?


The skin made of TPE is much softer than silicone and feels more like a natural human. As its full name, thermoplastic elastomer, indicates, TPE is more elastic than silicone. After testing, silicone can be stretched 3 to 6 times and TPE can be stretched 6 to 10 times. While silicone sex dolls are not as soft as TPE sex dolls, you do have some upgrade options. Many customers prefer to specialize their silicone dolls into gel breasts and gel butts; the latter are jelly-like soft and very realistic to the touch.

Nonetheless, silicone dolls perform better than TPE dolls in terms of appearance. Silicone can show veins, muscles, body hair and other details. If you are sensitive to odor, silicone dolls may be better. tpe retains some minor odor because it can be melted and remolded. 

Silicone can withstand extreme conditions, including high and low temperatures, acids and bases, and does not react with almost any substance. Proper storage and avoidance of corrosive items can extend its life. tpe does not perform well in aging.


Silicone dolls are much more expensive than TPE sex dolls because of their outstanding performance. lilysuck offers silicone dolls made of imported platinum silicone, which is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. Silicone dolls are a popular choice for consumers who demand high value and seek realistic experience. Compared to silicone dolls, TPE dolls seem to be more affordable and economical. 


Daily maintenance is vital for expanding your doll’s lifespan. After receiving the beauty, we recommend you do a preliminary cleaning. Use cold or warm water within 38℃(100.4℉)to flush away surface dirt. Then apply body wash or hand sanitizer to the product’s surface, and rub and rinse. Wipe the product’s surface with a light, dry cloth and dry it thoroughly; smear talcum powder on the surface to keep the skin dry. We suggest you contain the doll in the box (the original package box) when you do not use it

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