Ultra Tips to Take Care Your Sex Doll!

Sex Doll Care Tips

Sex dolls' popularity has skyrocketed recently, with the worldwide lockdowns fast-tracking adoption. And while the widespread acquisition is a great thing, it is just but half the work. People must be educated on how to use and care for their love dolls. After all, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on such a prized possession to see it deteriorate from mishandling. Do you?

In this article, I'll shed light on easy tips on how to take care of your love doll best to promote longevity. I'll also throw in some storage DONTS' at the end. So, read on.

  • Only use water-based lubricants. Unlike sex toys, which can be made from glass and metal without any lube restrictions, you must use water-based lube with your sex doll. Unlike silicone and oil-based lubricants, the water-based variants won't damage your material. In addition, the watery consistency means it's easy to clean your bedsheets and clothes afterward.¬†
  • Avoid over-stretching. Modern sex dolls feature realistic skeletons and movable joints to enhance the realism aspect. And while their joints make it easy to explore your wildest fantasies without breaking a sweat or straining your back, avoid stretching them too far or for extended periods because this can cause tearing.
  • Avoid tight and dark-colored clothing. Using tight clothing on your sex dolls for extended periods during storage can cause deformation and material creasing. Colored attire, on the other hand, can cause skin discoloration, especially if your sex doll is made from porous materials like TPE. Clothes can damage and stain your doll, use at your own risk.
  • Keep your doll away from heat sources¬†or hot surfaces as the material can get burned quickly. And while silicone is a little heat resistant, it'll still catch fire when exposed to one. So, avoid furnaces, heating vents, radiators, water heaters, and space heaters.

Note: Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause the skin to fade.

  • Avoid crushing the doll into walls¬†or protruding furniture parts when moving it around. You risk damaging the material and potentially exposing the skeleton beneath the skin.
  • Avoid poking¬†your doll with sharp objects like jewelry, long fingernails, and jacket zippers.

Storage DON'T'S

Storage is an essential part of your sex doll experience. It is the recovery stage before you need to use the doll again. Unfortunately, most people damage their love dolls with poor storage practice. So, here are a few storage DONTS' to help you take better care of your new partner:

  • Don't store the doll in a cramped-up position or small spaces; hang it in the closet or use a customized sex doll storage case. Putting the doll under stress for an extended time can cause irreparable damage to the skin, skeleton, or joints.
  • Don't use colored material to cover the sex doll during storage. Instead, use colorfast towels, soft blankets, and throw pillows.
  • Don't store the sex doll in a case or ottoman without foam cushioning. Doing so can result in dents and other damages to the material.
  • Don't store the doll in humid areas. TPE especially is porous and can absorb moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, the last thing you want on your doll.
  • Don't store your sex doll with jewelry, shoes, or other accessories.
  • Only store a clean and well-dried sex doll. This helps maintain a good look in the long run while ensuring the dolls are always ready when you are.
  • Do not leave your sex doll in storage for long without regular checks. Always take a look and, if necessary, clean the sex doll every once in a while to wipe off any dirt.

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