Wight Reduction Affect the Tactile Sensation of Sex Dolls?

Weight Reduction Techniques in Sex Doll Manufacturing

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A widely adopted approach to weight reduction in sex dolls is the foam core technology. We have embraced this method to enhance user convenience without compromising the overall quality of the doll.

When it comes to the world of sex dolls, there’s a lot to consider, from aesthetics to functionality. One of the crucial factors for users is the doll’s weight, especially in the case of bigger and larger models like tall sex dolls and BBW sex doll which tend to weigh significantly more. This heavier weight, especially notable in silicone sex dolls, can pose certain challenges for the doll owner, such as making the dolls harder to lift or position.

In response to this issue, many doll manufacturers have innovated ways to reduce the dolls’ weight. Currently, the most used weight reduction method is to add lightweight materials inside the doll’s body to reduce the overall weight.

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Impact on Tactile Sensation

While this technique proves beneficial for handling, it does bring up the question of how it affects the tactile sensation of the doll. Essentially, the degree of weight reduction correlates to the amount of foam core used – the more weight reduced, the more foam core added, and consequently, the firmer the doll’s skin feels.

Striking the right balance is key. A suitable amount of weight reduction can enhance the user experience, while excessive reduction could result in a less realistic, harder feel. Most brands have found their sweet spot, optimizing weight reduction to a degree that maintains the tactile sensations as closely as possible to those of sex dolls without weight reduction.

Interestingly, we have taken a different approach. We have managed to reduce the weight of their silicone dolls by using lightweight silicone inside the doll. Despite the weight reduction, they ensure that the surface silicone skin remains over 1.5cm thick, maintaining the original softness and tactile experience. This strategy demonstrates the potential for innovative solutions in the continuous improvement of the user experience with sex dolls.

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Is It Worthy Choose A Weight-Reduced Sex Doll?

It depends on your preference. Consider whether you are okay with a heavy-weight sex doll, or whether you are that sensitive about the softness in some areas. If weight reduction is essential, then it makes sense to choose one with weight loss. Instead, choose a regular one. We produce their sex dolls in weight-reduction versions by default.

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